Welcome to Streamline Parkour

 Our goal is to teach Parkour safely to all those who want to learn. Our Gym is a learning and friendly environment - young or old, individual or family - all are welcome. We believe Parkour helps in all aspects of life and invite you to come and see what it can do for you.


Keep 'Em Active Through Winter

Winter is a wonderful time - I myself am a huge fan of hot chocolate & warm blankets that come with the season! 
However, winter does have its drawbacks. And with all that cold and snow, not being able to do anything outside is the biggest of them all. And if we are anything alike, you (or your kids) start to get Cabin Fever. Cabin Fever is an epidemic that's symptoms include, but are not limited to: Excessive Energy, Prone to Interior Destruction, Grumpiness, Short-Fuse, Sugar Binging, or TV-Zombification. If any of these sound like a familiar winter symptoms to you, lets get you (or your young ones) out doing something active, healthy, and fun! 

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