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 Our goal is to teach Parkour safely to all those who want to learn. Our Gym is a learning and friendly environment - young or old, individual or family - all are welcome. Please browse our website and see what Parkour might have for you.

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10-Week Series

Our 10-Week Series are special programs put on from time to time to allow certain individuals the opportunity to learn they may not have otherwise. We hope you can join us for at least one of them!
*If you have any suggestions or hope for a special series, feel free to message us about it.*

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Homeschool Series

We have a lot of respect for the Homeschooling families of America. And we want to make sure they get their chance to learn Parkour like everyone else. If you Homeschool or know someone who does, share the news of this series and let's have some fun!

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Junior Parkour

Ok, so the picture overdoes it just a little... but isn't she cute! 
Well Junior Parkour is for those who are either too young or just feel a little too small around everyone else during normal classes. We won't only be learning Parkour, but will be playing games as well! Kids can make friends, learn Parkour, and have a blast while doing it all.

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