Welcome to Streamline Parkour

 Our goal is to teach Parkour safely to all those who want to learn. Our Gym is a learning and friendly environment - young or old, individual or family - all are welcome. Please enjoy this video to learn a little about who we are and what we do.

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Jedi Camp Poster 8.5x11in.png

I am one with the Force... the Force is with me...

Gain the skills of a Jedi Master in this intense Summer Camp. Train with a lightsaber, master a front flip, and channel the force through your body as you move with speed and precision.

Summer Camps

Need a break this Summer? Need to keep the kids busy? Or maybe just reward them with something awesome? Look no further!

Summer Camps are now available for Sign-up. Has your kid always wanted to be a Jedi? Or maybe they want to be the Avatar. Whatever it is, send them on an adventure they will not soon forget. Our themed camps will teach, challenge, and reward them with awesome memories and keepsakes!

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