Welcome to the World of Parkour

Parkour is more than just a sport or a hobby, it's a community; a brotherhood of individuals with one common purpose - to accomplish our next goal and fulfill our dreams. In this community we are all on equal ground because we are all learners, and in the grand scheme we are all not so different. Every one of us has something we would like to accomplish and some place we would like to make it to. We all have something to offer, and we all have something to learn. We invite all, and shun no one. Welcome to Streamline Parkour!


About Parkour

Parkour is an art of movement, mastered through physical discipline and speed of mind. It was created in France, by David Belle, and has been sweeping the world ever since.

In the world of Parkour, barriers do not exist. There is no wall too high, no drop too far, and no gap too wide. Parkour is the essence of progression and accomplishment, and like dye in water, it bleeds into all aspects of life. If you have goals, dreams, or resolutions - be it physical or otherwise - Parkour will help you get there.

About Streamline Parkour

Streamline Parkour is dedicated to sharing Parkour. Keeping all things in balance, we mentor in both the PHYSICAL and MENTAL aspects of Parkour; not only training the body, but also training the MIND to remove barriers, overcome opposition, and achieve goals. Our physical training focuses on flow, control, efficiency, and precision. Whether learning, training, or performing, Parkour is first and foremost safe. Keeping our students injury free through proper training and instruction is our number one priority.

- Mission Statement

The Team


Lehi Bennion - Owner & Parkour Instructor

Lehi Bennion, born and raised in Portland, OR, returned to the land of his forefathers in East Idaho for school where he met his amazing wife (Hannah, who also happens to be from Portland) and decided to settle down. Lehi has loved Parkour since his first encounter with it at age 11. He never received any formal training, but he never let that hold him back. To Lehi, Parkour is freedom and in his own words, “the closest thing to flight a human can experience.” He dreamed for years of opening his own gym someday and can still hardly believe this day has come. He is so grateful for the opportunity he has been given to share his passion, and for all those who believed in him and helped him make his dream a reality – he is firmly set on helping others do the same. Above all, Lehi is most excited and thankful for his growing family - with a daughter (Josie) and a second baby on the way! He loves being a Dad!




Hannah Bennion - Owner & Front Desk Clerk

Hannah Bennion is new to the world of Parkour, but is a determined and new practitioner. She often claims to be afraid to try new things because she doesn’t want to embarrass herself, only to turn around and master it before anyone realizes what just happened. She has a warm outgoing personality and loves to get to know others.  She is a soon to be a mom of TWO and cannot be more excited alongside her husband! Although Hannah is not trained in Parkour, she has a great knowledge of movement through years of experience in dance. Dance is Hannah’s passion and she understands coordination and flow better than anyone. That, and her incredible organizational skills, makes her invaluable to the gym and her husband. Lehi simply could not have done this without her. Hannah will be at the front desk to welcome you, and will be happy to answer any questions you might have. 


Josie Bennion - Professional Athlete (in Training)

Little Josie joined the team July 10th, 2017. She is cute, friendly, and very active! For her training she sticks to a very strict schedule of eating, sleeping, and running away from Mom & Dad - but she simply cannot help being adorable while doing so. She is a blessing and the source of motivation for her parents in all that they do - her dad already loves bringing her to the gym and can't wait to see what she is capable of as she grows. Josie would like to tell you all to "work hard and never give up! It only gets better!" ... Or at least, we are sure that's what she would say if she could talk.