All classes are an hour long (unless otherwise noted) and are supervised by a Streamline Parkour instructor who are ACE certified in CPR and First Aid.  Our classes are set up so that the students warm up for 10 minutes and then move to the days instruction followed by a 10 minute cool down. Some classes allow for free time.

Students must be 7 years or older to participate in classes during our regular schedule. See class schedule for age limitations specific to individual classes.

Students ages 5&6 are allowed, but require the presence of a parent throughout the class time. (if interested, please click here to contact Lehi)

All first time students will be required to take at least one Beginner level class. Moving forward will be by invitation from a Streamline Parkour instructor only

Class Descriptions

Beginner I - Robin

For students ages 7-76 who are interested in learning basic Parkour techniques through technical instruction. In Beginner I the focus is on the steps and movement and understanding the "why" behind the "what". Robins begin with a strong focus on safety. Students will learn how to learn, and do so in a safe controlled environment.

Beginner II - Sparrow

The next step in the journey of Parkour. 

In Beginner II the focus is making the steps smooth and efficient; Sparrows will learn to "glide" as they pass over and through obstacles. Sparrows will also learn new techniques and skills on top of what they already know.

A successful Beginner II student(Sparrow) will begin to feel comfortable applying what they have learned outside of gym without injuring or harming themselves. 

Intermediate I - Falcon

Learn to apply the meaning of Streamline.

In Intermediate I the focus is adding speed to the flow of steps and movements. This requires Falcons to master basic techniques, enabling them to subconsciously asses and evaluate obstacles without hindering their movement.  

To succeed as a Falcon requires hard and diligent training. A student who attends only once or twice a week will greatly struggle to become a Falcon.


*Additional levels are available and will be added as instructors see fit, based on the skill level of the students.

More information coming soon.