Back to School Special!

"This is for crossfit(ers), gymnastics lovers, track’n’field enthusiasts, adults with goals, kids with energy; runners, bikers, mountain climbers… whatever you do! Streamline Parkour was born out of my passion for the growth and accomplishment that results from Parkour. I truly believe with all my soul that Parkour can and will enhance anyone’s life and help them accomplish their goals. And I am personally interested in seeing you do just that and will work with you until you have succeeded. This is our Back to School special. Whether you are in school or not; if you are 10 years-old or 40. Take advantage of it! This is for all ages and I promise it is something you will enjoy."

"I will see you there!"

~Lehi – Owner/Instructor/Trainer

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Welcome to Streamline Parkour

 Our goal is to teach Parkour safely to all those who want to learn. We believe Parkour helps in all aspects of life and invite you to come and see what it can do for you.


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