Open Gym Sessions

Open Gym Sessions are a time for Students to train in what they learned in class, allowing them experiment, improve, and grow at their own pace. All Open Gym Sessions are supervised by an Instructor. Instructors do Not teach during Open Gym Sessions, but will intervene if dangerous activities are being attempted.

During Open Gym Session, Students are more then welcome to:

  • Move and arrange equipment for training purposes
  • Arrange and organize obstacle courses
  • Workout for fitness and/or build muscle and endurance

*To attend Open Gym Sessions you must be 12 years old (or a student authorized by an instructor)
**All participants under the age of 18 are required to attend a Begginer I class at least once before attending an Open Gym Session. (Those 18+ are strongly encourage to attend a class before attending as well.)

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Workout Equipment:

During Open Gym Sessions you are welcome to use our Crossfit and American Ninja Warrior equipment. Including a Peg Board, Battle Ropes, and Tires. As well as our Climbing Ropes, Finger Board, and Warped Wall.


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