Dear Prospective Student,
We're excited you're interested in Streamline Parkour! We strive to balance the teaching of proper Parkour technique along with its philosophy and purpose, with training the physical condition. Whether learning, training, or performing, Parkour is first and foremost always safe, and keeping our students injury free through proper training and instruction is our number one priority. We hope you find the information below helpful as you make the decision to join Streamline Parkour. Feel free to also read more about our gym, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

Sincerely, The Streamline Parkour Staff

Age Restrictions

Classes: Students must be 7 years or older to participate in classes. Those 5&6 years old may still attend, but require the presence of a parent at all times.

FreeRunning: This class is open to all ages. However, students must possess a certain skill level - as determined by the instructors - in order to train in this difficult class. Not all will be accepted, But it doesn’t hurt to try!

PKT: All Students may attend PKT, but must demonstrate discipline and focus to do so. Any student that cannot maintain this discipline will lose this privilege. 5&6 year-olds require a parent present.


Q. Can I sign up mid season?
We have a specific classes set aside on Tuesday & Thursday for those who are not registered student - you may also attend PKT. Unfortunately we cannot register students after our deadline.

Q. Are their Family Discounts?
Yes. 10% will be deducted from the total of 2 students of the same immediate family. and 20% will be deducted from the total of all students of an immediate family with 3 or more students.

Q. How do I move up to the next class?
The very purpose of our seasons is to help each student move up to the next skill level by the end of the 12 weeks. At the end of every season the students will be assessed and placed in their new level.

Q. I can't afford a membership, can I barter? 
A. Streamline Parkour wants everyone to enjoy the benefits and fun that comes from Parkour, but understands that not everyone has the available funds to put towards training. If this is your situation, you are not left out! Download our Scholarship Trade Form, fill it out, and return it to the gym. We will contact you within the week and see what we can offer you.

Q. Are the instructors trained in CPR? 
A. Streamline Parkour is dedicated to creating and fostering a safe environment in which to learn Parkour. Our instructors are CPR and First-Aid certified.

Q. What are the age limits/restrictions?
A. Students range from 7-97 yrs old. For our younger students we expect them to show discipline and be able to take instruction and follow the rules. If your son or daughter is unable to follow the rules they may be asked to leave.

Q. What should I wear to class?
Loose fitting clothing. Shoes with good grip and support. Please do not wear basketball shoes as they restrict proper landing form. Sandles, Flip-Flops, or Bare-feet are not allowed as this commonly results in injury.

Q. Should I bring my own water?
We have a drinking fountain on site. However, water bottles are encourage because those who keep them tend to stay better hydrated.

Q. Where are you? I can't see you from Hitt.
We are located on 14th between iJump and Edge Climbing Gym, our entrance faces East.

Q. What is your address?
2728 14th N Unit D, Idaho Falls, ID 83401.